I recently had the opportunity to talk about all of the stretching we’re doing during these strange times on the On the Brink Podcast with Andi Simon, a Corporate Anthropologist, author, scholar and seasoned senior executive in the financial and healthcare world.

We talked about the many changes we’ve been walking through these last few months and the ways those changes have impacted so many of us. Although we’ve all had to adjust, this process is uniquely personal to each of us. As happens during times of change, this year has left us with more questions than answers- but in terms of the work we do, I’d argue that’s a good thing.

You might find yourself asking:

  • What am I good at? What do I enjoy? If I have to reinvent myself, how do I blend these attributes moving forward?
  • How do I need to pivot professionally to make this newest normal work for me?
  • If my career 1.0 is behind me now, what’s ahead? What do I want 2.0 to look like?
  • What’s my story? What do I want the next chapter to be?

No matter the answers to these and the many other questions we’re all asking ourselves, this isn’t the time to freeze. This is the time to get curious. Get curious about entrepreneurial opportunities you’ve had on hold. Get curious about more flexible ways to put your talents to work. Get curious about what it would take to achieve the kind of work-life balance you need.

This is the time to pivot and prosper. Let’s shift from responsibility to opportunity. Let’s shift from “have to” to “get to”, and let’s keep these conversations going. Opportunities are all around. Are you thinking about jumping into the gig economy? Looking to re-tool? Have somebody in your network you think could use some support to make the most of their second act? We’re here to help.

Check out the podcast & let’s connect.