Here we are—in the last quarter of 2020. The longest year in history. It’s been a long year of surprises, changes and growing pains, but it’s also come with great opportunities for clarity, evolution and innovation.

When the world moved from traditional work rhythms and operations to home offices and virtual teams, it was a big adjustment. It took some time to get used to this new way of doing business and working together. We’ve been working, learning, exercising and socializing from home while time, the economy and the needs of our clients and partners have been marching on. Fast forward six months and we’ve arrived at a new, promising destination. This is the sweet spot.

This where we can, and often do, hit home runs. This is the intersection where budget constraint, project needs and limited time meet agile, innovative, re-tooled talent ready to hustle.

Organizations and companies have had to grow into the modern way the work gets done. The budgets aren’t what they used to be, but the work is still important and is oftentimes urgent as the needs and narratives seem to change daily, even hourly. Our clients and partners need to reach their audiences to convey their messages efficiently and effectively in an unprecedented business environment.

In the meantime, the creatives, innovators and do-ers in and around these organizations and companies have leveled up. They were already good at pivoting and problem solving. They’re well-versed in changing narratives and short timelines. Talented, nimble freelancers are in high demand these days because now the whole world is remote and we’ve all become experts at virtual project work with virtual teams.

And now here we are. Our clients need fast, creative results and our freelancers are more creative and efficient than ever. The benefits of virtual teams are many (more affordable, more productive, more accessible, more nimble) but the greatest benefit of all is that everybody wins.