Like everyone these days, Dept.11 has had to get essential & creative as we navigate all the changes coming our way. When everything is changing, it’s a helpful exercise to focus on what has stayed the same.

Exploring core competencies is a great place to start. We’ve all got skills and tools that can be put to work in a variety of ways. Start by thinking about what you’re good at and what you value. Then think creatively about how you can take that tried-and-true toolbox to work on the adaptive challenges we’re facing every day.

Here are a few tips for getting clear about what you’re bringing to the table:

  • Take an inventory of your strengths, both personally and as a team. Use this inventory to brainstorm how to respond to your business needs and get creative about a solution.
  • Reposition that list of strengths in terms of this remote, digital reality we’re living in. How can you repurpose those to empower your team moving forward?
  • Think big. It’s possible your teams and colleagues haven’t gone through the exercise of exploring their agility needs, but you have. Reach out to your teams to propose the next steps that reflect the new strategies and how you can support along the way.

If Dept. 11 can help you strategize & rebalance as you navigate the road ahead, please let us know. We’re in this together.